Traumatic Birth / Trauma After Childbirth
If you are experiencing emotional
distress after giving birth or
witnessing a birth, please consider
seeking assistance/support. No
matter where you live, help is
available in person, online, or
both. Your feelings are valid, and
you're not alone in feeling this way.
can heal from this.
Any birth may be perceived by an individual as traumatic. Trauma may
also increase your risk of postpartum depression, and your partner's
risk of paternal postnatal depression. Follow the links below to
investigate trauma symptoms and commonly asked questions. Learn
what steps can be taken to prevent or minimize trauma during the
birthing process, what factors may increase a person's risk of
trauma, access self-assessment tools for postpartum depression,
and more.  

Dissatisfaction, distress, and trauma can often be addressed
immediately and very effectively with EFT. This may also lessen the
risk for depression after birth in both partners. If you've experienced
birth trauma or are in emotional distress after giving birth, or after
witnessing a birth, you can treat yourself with EFT, or you may prefer
to seek assistance from a doula or midwife trained in EFT, find an
EFT support group (locally or via the internet), or work with an EFT
Visit EFTUniverse for list of certified EFT practitioners
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While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it has only been in use in its current form since 1992. Therefore, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage. You are an expert on your own health, so please take full responsibility for
your use of EFT. Eileen Sullivan is not a licensed health professional. She offers EFT as a certified EFT practitioner, ordained interfaith minister, and certified holistic doula. Where appropriate, please consult your healthcare practitioners regarding your
use of EFT. It is VITAL to note that you should not stop taking any prescribed medications, nor alter your dosage, without the advice of the prescribing physician.
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