graduate who built on the work of Roger Callahan (Thought Field Therapy) and others to create this
elegantly simple process.  Thanks to Gary's ongoing dedication and re-evaluation of each piece of the
technique, EFT continues to improve and become even easier to use.    

The basic philosophy is that negative emotional experiences disrupt the balance of the body's meridian
system.  We're all familiar with the knot of discomfort fear can create in the body, or the uncomfortable
"lump in the throat" feeling of suppressed tears.  Science is now capable of seeing the deeper, physical
changes in the body that are brought on by these and other emotions.

The physical changes we experience from emotional disruptions often become attached to the memory of
a specific event or events.  They continue to affect the way we see the world until we heal that imbalance.  
When it's skillfully applied, EFT can quickly realign the energy meridians and disconnect the physical
discomfort that is attached to these negative memories or events.  In many cases, resulting symptoms--
pain, phobias, limitations, disease-- are also removed.
EFT has been for me, the single most
effective technique I've used in my 45
years of practice as a psychiatrist.  
Curtis Steele, M.D.
EFT is a simple tapping procedure that realigns the body's energy
meridian system.  It is based on the ancient principles of
acupuncture, but EFT removes disruptions and imbalances without
the use of needles.  It also incorporates an emotional element, to
address the unresolved emotional issues that are likely causes of
physical and psychological disease and dysfunction.  In addition,
EFT can remove personal performance limitations that might
prevent us from achieving our goals.

EFT was introduced in 1995 by Gary Craig, a Stanford Engineering
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While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it has only been in use in its current form since 1992. Therefore, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage. You are an expert on your own health, so please take full responsibility for
your use of EFT. Eileen Sullivan is not a licensed health professional. She offers EFT as a certified EFT practitioner, ordained interfaith minister, and certified holistic doula. Where appropriate, please consult your healthcare practitioners regarding your
use of EFT. It is VITAL to note that you should not stop taking any prescribed medications, nor alter your dosage, without the advice of the prescribing physician.
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