RAPE/TRAUMA:  I was thinking about
how far we have come. From me
staying in a closet and not being able
to even hear a male voice, even on TV
(without being triggered)... to me
hanging out at a football game, or
sitting and listening to men who do not
have quiet voices talk for at least 2 and
a half hours at a time. And from me
having so many horrible, terrible for all
of us, flashbacks and blackouts, to me
not having a blackout or flashback in
over a week. Maybe a week and a half.  
I have gotten so much better at talking
to people, it really is amazing to me.
Rape and abuse survivor
TRAUMA SURVIVOR:  I'm not angry when I think of the people who hurt me now. I get angry, but it is not
blinding me and controlling my every thought. I miss the people I lost, but it doesn't control everything I do
anymore. I no longer see this abyss in front of me. I see beyond that mountain of hurt and sadness; of fear
and anger. I miss them and I always will, but I found out that I can miss them and love them, and do so
without all the pain I carried around for so long. Sometimes I feel so light. I was nothing but bones and torn
up soul, and you helped me find pieces of me I didn't even know were missing.
CLAUSTROPHOBIA:  I have really good news. I
have been tapping on my fear of blankets and I
slept with sheets last night!! I am really proud of
Abuse survivor
KELOID SCARS:  My scars, which stayed red and
angry for almost two years, I am now healing with
EFT and Reiki.  
Trauma survivor
DRIVING TEST:  Eileen, I feel so much better
about taking my driving test since you helped me
tap on my fears. Now I'm worried about my ACT
test! Can we tap on that next?  
16 year old
LABOR & BIRTH PREPARATION:  I discovered Eileen
and her company during my third trimester -- and
I'm so glad that I found her. This was my first
pregnancy and I was very nervous about labor and
delivery. After working with Eileen, I approached
labor with confidence and ease and was able to use
EFT during labor. I was so happy to DELIVER OUR
BABY WITH NO EPIDURAL - thanks to working with
Eileen. The hospital staff was amazed!  Eileen is so
knowledgeable, a true professional, and also caring
-- a great combination. I will be working with her
during my pregnancy with our next baby!   
Petra S.
BIRTH TRAUMA/PTSD: I was having flashbacks and panic attacks so often I was afraid I would cause myself
to miscarry. I found Eileen through my doula. Even today I remember how difficult it was for me to tell my
story. It was something I was unable to speak of without bursting into tears. After a few rounds of EFT, I
could actually visualize some of the birth without going into a severe panic attack... I used EFT to resolve
some other issues during the pregnancy, and my doula even used it with me during my labor.
I had a
successful VBAC and I still use EFT to this day.   
Chelle C.                             READ MORE OF CHELLE'S STORY
EFT FROM A DOULA'S PERSPECTIVE:  I had an awesome birth at *** (a Charlotte, NC area hospital) last night with a
repeat client. Her last birth was pretty typical in length and unmedicated, but she had quite a bit of back
labor until baby turned, right before pushing. (When she called this time), contractions had begun and
were very sporadic in length and duration, and she was already starting to feel it in her back. I tapped the
whole way... for the baby, for my client's back labor (which seemed to be stopping), for a quick and easy
labor, and for myself to let the utter chaos from my house fall away and be truly present and attuned to my
client... I wholeheartedly recommend hooking up with Eileen and trying some EFT.  I just had to share, as
I'm still healing from a quite different birth last week.  I needed this!!  
Emily J.    
POSTPARTUM TRAUMA:  Prior to EFT, I was a prisoner to my daughter’s birth trauma and her first 21 days of
life...EFT gave me my freedom back. Before EFT, I didn’t have the energy to help or love.  I spent most of
my day trying to keep the trauma under wraps and holding myself together, but today is different!  I have
my motivation back to help others, to love others, and to live every day with energy and enthusiasm.  I can
only imagine the dark days that would have lain ahead, without EFT. Thanks so much to Eileen and Pam (my
co-worker) for saving my life and helping me become myself again!  
Maria M.
BIRTH TRAUMA + CHILDHOOD & ABORTION TRAUMAS:  Eileen Sullivan has helped me work through some
serious emotional traumas stemming from both childhood as well as later on in my adult life. Her in-depth
knowledge of EFT, powerful intuition, non-judgmental and compassionate nature, and great sense of
humor have all shaped my EFT sessions into very positive experiences. I always feel validated and better
about myself after an EFT session with Eileen.  
CARDIAC ARRHYTHMIA:  I was hopeful but somewhat cautious about doing the EFT. But after last night
(episode of cardiac arrhythmia) I was obviously in need of SOMETHING. I was a new woman when I got off
the phone. It was slow to work but by the time I was walking to school to get my son, I was a convert. Free,
that's just what it felt like. The name was so hokey sounding to me, but I get it now. Ten pounds lighter, all
that. La La La, happy. Where did that come from? I really want to figure this EFT out and get rid of all the
crap I keep under the surface, GET IT OUT. I think I'm going to call last night a grief reaction and hope it is
done. It is done. Calm and peaceful. I do not need to be sick. I am not sick. My heart is healthy.  
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