I had an awesome birth at Presbyterian-Huntersville last night with a repeat client. Her last birth was
pretty typical in length and unmedicated, but she had quite a bit of back labor until baby turned, right
before pushing. I hadn't heard from her in a couple of days (except to check that she was feeling better
after she'd been sick), so something told me to check in around 5:30 p.m. yesterday. She said she was
literally picking up the phone to call me at that moment. Contractions had begun and were very sporadic
in length and duration, and she was already starting to feel it in her back. She was also waiting for her
mother to get there from NJ, and she was due in about an hour.

We talked about what she should try to help rotate the baby, and I also told her to start tapping (she and I
did Eileen's
EFT for Labor & Birth teleclass the other night). Meanwhile, I'm rushing around here, in the
midst of finishing dinner up, getting a quick shower, getting kids ready for bed, lunches packed, homework
completed, spelling test studied for. It's always like this at my house at this time of day. Also, this was the
night that I finally convinced my husband it was okay to go out with the boys, so he was at the Van Halen
concert!! So I also had to call my neighbor to see if she might be able to come over later, and thankfully she
was available. I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

An hour and a half later, my client calls back and contractions had picked up a bunch. Her mom was there
now, but I could tell on the phone that she needed me so I started throwing things in the car. Of course,
this is also the moment that my middle child decides to tell me that she's put a very small magnet up her
nose! Long story short, I'm trying to tap mentally because I don't have a free hand (or really the focus) to do
it otherwise, and just get out the door.

On the drive up, I turned the radio off and tried to ground and center. I tapped the whole way... for the baby,
for my client's back labor (which seemed to be stopping), for a quick and easy labor, and for myself to let
the utter chaos from my house fall away and be truly present and attuned to my client.

When I got there, she was in the tub. She was very calm and focused, but we both instantly knew it was
almost time to head to the hospital. She was moving very quickly... you could just feel it. We arrived at the
hospital about 8:50 p.m., and M (CNM w/ Dr. P's practice) was waiting for us there. We made our way to the
room slowly, and my client instinctively got up on her hands and knees on the bed. M asked if she wanted
to be checked, and she said yes. She was 9.5 centimeters dilated, with a bulging bag. M asked her if she
wanted her to break the water or let it break on its own and she said she didn't care. M said, "Let's just wait
then...it'll break soon." About 2 contractions later, POP!

At this point Dr. P walked in and said hello quietly and just stood back and watched. During a particularly
hard contraction, he walked up and stroked the mom's hair and told her she was doing a great job!! About 5
minutes later, M caught the baby (mom still on all fours), and put her on her mama's chest where she
immediately began to latch on and breastfeed. No skid marks, no trauma at all.  I was home by 11:00 p.m.

I wholeheartedly recommend hooking up with Eileen and trying some EFT. I just had to share, as I'm still
healing from a quite different birth last week. I needed this!!  
A Doula's Perspective on EFT in Labor
I tapped the whole way... for the
baby, for my client's back labor
(which seemed to be stopping), for
a quick and easy labor, and for
myself to let the utter chaos from
my house fall away and be truly
present and attuned to my client.
Emily Joyce, CLA (ALACE)
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