The basic set-up phrase is a sentence used to bring the problem into awareness. Whatever the
problem is, that becomes the beginning of the standard set-up phrase. If you're afraid of snakes, for
example, you would begin with something like, "Even though I have this fear of snakes..."  

You could also use, "Even though snakes terrify me," or "Even though I have this snake phobia," or
etcetera.  The wording here doesn't matter, though it's helpful to have it resonate with what you're
The second half of the basic set-up phrase is an affirmation, most often reflecting either self-acceptance or
compassion for self, etc. "...I deeply and completely accept myself" is the standard end of the set-up
phrase, and this wording is frequently used by beginners and Masters alike.  

Those who may have a hard time accepting themselves can modify the ending. "...I can be in compassion
for myself" is an example of an alternative ending that may feel more authentic. The simplest variation may
be, "...I want to (or someday I hope I will be able to) love and accept myself."

There's no "right answer" with regard to the set-up phrase. It's just basic common sense, plus what is true
and resonant for you. If you aren't getting results, you may want to tweak your set-up phrase a bit, or you
could try shouting it! Sometimes repeating the set-up phrase loudly and emphatically can help a great deal.  

If you're still not getting any improvement, the most likely explanation is that you haven't found the core
issue. If you're not addressing the real problem, the words are automatically wrong.


reminder phrase is made up of a few words that keep the energetic system focused on the problem as
you move through the tapping sequence. For our previous example-- a snake phobia-- you can use, "Fear
of snakes." You repeat this reminder phrase at each tapping point.

If multiple rounds of tapping are needed on the same issue, it helps to change your phrasing a little. For
instance, "Even though I
still have some of this fear of snakes..." You should also include the word,
"remaining" in your reminder phrase; for example, "
remaining fear of snakes." This helps the brain work on
what is left of the problem, so that you can continue to make progress.  
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Candace Pert, PhD,
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