On April 27, 2009, what appeared to be a passenger jet flew repeatedly over Manhattan and the Statue of
Liberty.  As you can see from the images in the video below, this was eerily similar to what the city (and the
world) witnessed on 9/11.

As it turns out, this 30 minute fly-by was a "photo op" to get pictures of an Air Force One jet and Lady Liberty.
There was no danger, but someone neglected to alert city officials and the public of this fact.   

Painful memories of that traumatic day flooded back for thousands (perhaps millions) of people.  Frightened
office workers evacuated their buildings, and people poured out into the streets, fearing that the whole
nightmare was repeating itself. Others saw the video footage on news shows or the internet and were also
affected, some in a minor way and some quite strongly.

Since so many people are still triggered by their memories of 9/11, I created this audio to offer some EFT
tailored to the "fly-by," as well as those traumatic memories from 2001. Print out a tapping points sheet, and
you will be able to follow along more easily.  
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