In the Autumn 2007 issue of Midwifery Today (Issue 83), editor Jan Tritten writes:

    Who are the traumatic birth statistics? They could be you, your mother, sister, wife, friend or best
    friend. How much damage is done to these women, their babies, the rest of their families and our society?
    We will never know. Contained within those numbers on paper or on a computer screen are the God-
    created, incredibly important women we all know and love. These women—beautiful, needed and
    meaningful to those who love them—are struck down, incapacitated and forever damaged at the time they
    should be experiencing their greatest creation, their greatest miracle… Up to 98% of US women and/or
    babies receive iatrogenic injuries. Some of these injuries may be subtle, caused by lack of support or
    respect, early cutting of the cord, separation of motherbaby or unkind words. Most are deep, deep wounds
    that cause much damage… Depression and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in mothers who should
    be happy and high is so prevalent that practitioners of mainstream medicine think it is normal! This is a
    pandemic among women having babies—mothers, cousins or friends who may be walking around with
    permanent injury. (emphasis mine)

Ms. Tritten passionately argues that the woundings caused to women by current birthing practices are both
physical and emotional, that there are way too many of them, and that it needs to stop– NOW.  I agree.  You
can read the rest of Jan’s editorial

However, while I passionately support the prevention of such injuries, I disagree that these traumas are
permanent and forever.  If you know about EFT, you understand why I believe that these wounds can be

If you don’t know about EFT, I hope you’ll find out more– especially if you work with women and families in
the childbearing year. Or if you’re a mother who’s experienced birth trauma.  Or if you know and care about
someone who has.  If Jan’s statistics are accurate (and I’m betting they are), that should just about cover
everyone walking around out there.

EFT is simple.  It’s cheap.  It’s fast.  You don’t need any special equipment.  You can do it almost anywhere,
any time.  You can use it on everything– from the smallest of bumps in the path to motherhood, to the most
major of traumas, including PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and physical wounds too.

works.  Read my article about Chelle & PTSD, for an example of just how powerful and fast this
technique can be.

With EFT, you can
immediately address any birth trauma a mother (or baby or father/partner, or grandma or
observer, or birth professional!) may experience.  Ideally, we would have an EFT ‘paramedic’ available to
every woman and family who has just given birth, to help reduce or eradicate these wounds that DO NOT

It's never too late, either.  EFT can help, even when the trauma is many years in the past.

Come and join the vanguard. Learn EFT and clear
your birth wounds. Help other women clear their
traumatic birth experiences, and remember to help fathers and partners, and birth professionals too.

Imagine the difference just ONE committed doula or midwife or mother could make, by serving in this way.
Imagine the change in the world, not to mention motherbaby care, if we all laid our birth woundings to rest.
I believe that in this way, everyone at a birth could be more fully present and whole. Free of past baggage,
pain, grief and trauma, we would be more able to see clearly... and we could more easily do,
compassionately and with an open heart, whatever needs to be done next to support and facilitate the
mother and her process.

To paraphrase the great John Kennell,
if EFT for birth trauma were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.

Birth trauma does not have to be forever. This damage does
not have to be permanent. We CAN heal. And
the knowledge of how to do so is vital, while we work to change the system and prevent birth trauma.
by Eileen Sullivan, 9/10/07
Birth trauma does not have to be
forever.  The damage does not have
to be permanent.  We CAN heal.  And
the knowledge of how to do so is
vital, while we work to change the
system and prevent trauma.
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