Last Thursday I had a beautiful experience with a client and friend at the birth of her daughter. She was a
week overdue but her partner was working very far away. She asked him to come home and when he
arrived she phoned and asked me if we could do EFT on the next Saturday as she wanted to try inducing
the birth naturally.

As her partner was back I suggested that she start tapping straight away that "
daddy was home, that she was
loved and that she could come out now, all was safe and it was time to come out" ..... "mummy and daddy love
you very much and are all waiting to meet you.

She also tapped to release her attachment to having a Gemini baby. Immediately she felt the plug go (her
words). She phoned me at 6.00am and I rushed over...she tapped that her "cervix was dilating." By the time
I got there the contractions were every 5 mins.

I tapped for the pain. When the delivery started I tapped "that the pain was a wave of energy helping to get
the baby out and to ride the energy," followed by "this pain, this energy, this wave of energy." We
continued in this fashion and, as soon as she started to push, her partner took over tapping on her head
for "this pain."

Seconds later a beautiful 7lb 14oz baby girl was in the world. It was the most calm beautiful experience
without any intervention or drugs. I think she was incredible to do it this way and in her own home. The
placenta took a little time coming and the midwife said that it was a shame that the mother was getting so
distressed trying to latch baby to the breast as this would help the delivery of the afterbirth.

I looked at the mother and asked if she believed she could breastfeed. She said no. So we did a round of
tapping for "
even though I don't believe I can breastfeed...etc."  She again tried, baby latched on and the
afterbirth was delivered.  She is now very successfully breast feeding.  Both mother and daughter are
doing well.  I feel very privileged to have witnessed this wonderful event.  After 2 years of using EFT as my
main therapy I am still amazed daily by what it can do.
Easing Birth Issues With EFT
Eileen's Note:  You can use EFT for labor pain, just as you would for any other type of pain. Or your partner,
doula, or midwife can tap surrogately for you. In most situations, when using EFT for pain, it helps to be specific
as to the type of pain, the sensations and the location.  In my experience, during labor even so-called global
tapping is often effective. I think it's because the mother is usually very tuned in to the sensations going on in her
body! A midwife friend who uses EFT says that when she taps for laboring clients, they dilate more quickly.  When
contractions are effective and the labor is progressing, it often seems easier or somehow more manageable for
the mother. Reducing pain and anxiety can really help, and EFT is an excellent tool for this use.
"I tapped for the pain.  When the
delivery started I tapped "that
the pain was a wave of energy
helping to get the baby out and
to ride the energy," followed by
"this pain, this energy, this wave
of energy."
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