EFT ARTICLES: EFT Resolves 12-Year
Postpartum Depression After Stillbirth
Eileen's Note:  As a doula, I've worked
with mothers birthing stillborn babies.
One of the most common experiences
afterward is that everyone
else seems to
go back to their lives after the funeral or
memorial service.  Everyone but the
mother, that is.  She frequently feels very
isolated and alone with her grief, even if
she has a partner who is also grieving the
loss of their child.  This is especially true
as time passes and people seem ready
for her to "get over it."  I understand that
a lot of people don't know what to say,
and that death-- especially the death of a
newborn-- can make them very
uncomfortable.  Maybe if we all learned to
do EFT, we could just tap together.  There
would be no need to say anything at all.
And it would help so much, and offer so
much relief, on both sides of the situation.
I have been using and teaching EFT with great success for more than five years.  I am also a registered
reflexologist and I use EFT combined with Reflexology and other energy therapies including Reiki, Pranic
and Theta healing for most of my sessions with clients.  The majority of my clients are women and I
particularly enjoy working with issues around pregnancy.

This particular client, whom I will call Mary, is a teacher’s assistant and she was feeling very stressed about
getting a job as a result of school closures and restructuring of the education system.  Her main concern,
however, was the postnatal depression which she’d had for the last 12 years.  The depression started after
the stillbirth of her second child but it was undiagnosed for 10 years.

She had been on antidepressants for the last 2 years.  Mary’s first child was born by caesarean delivery but
she had since had a third child by normal delivery.  Mary had also been experiencing tinnitus for the last 25
years as well as headaches, migraines, sinus with head pressure and tension, plus fatigue and low energy.  
She had also experienced repetitive strain injury in both her arms since 1982.

The first two-hour session with Mary was comprised of one hour of EFT followed by one hour of vertical and
seated Reflexology including Ayurvedic massage.

I asked Mary if she would like to start the session by talking about the births of her first two children.  She
agreed and as she had some experience with EFT, I asked her to tap on herself while she talked.

She told me she “desperately wanted a natural birth in the birth centre” for her first child and in her words
“despite taking castor oil, the first baby didn’t come.”  As a consequence of this she had a caesarean.  Mary
was not able to rate the intensity of her feelings around this so I asked her to describe what she was feeling
emotionally and how she felt physically.  She said she was feeling defeat with chest tightness and tension in
her bowels.

I explained Patricia Carrington’s EFT Choices routine to Mary, as she was not familiar with this.  We then
each rubbed on our own Sore Spot for the following setup statement.  
Even though I desperately wanted a
natural birth in the birth centre and it didn’t happen, I now choose to believe and accept that the caesarean was
perfect for the Highest Good of both myself and my daughter.

I tapped randomly on Mary’s Top of Head (TH), Eye Brow (EB) and Collar Bone (CB) points while she tapped
one round through from the TH to the KC while making negative statements including
I wanted a natural
birth and I failed; she came when she was ready even though I took the castor oil…
 This was followed by two
more rounds in which she tapped from the TH to the KC while making similar statements.

During this tapping Mary developed an increasing tightness in her chest.  It felt as though she had a tight
belt around it.  I asked her if the belt was buckled or tied.  She said it was buckled and I asked her to
mentally “unbuckle” it to release the tension.  This was very effective.

Mary then felt a sharp stabbing pain in her heart chakra.  I asked her to visualise pink light going in through
her crown chakra and then into her chest and heart chakra.  I guided her in visualising this light going
throughout her body with love, while it removed any grayness and pain and sent it into the earth.  I then
asked Mary to visualise white light going through her to bring in unconditional love to her entire body.  The
pain in her heart chakra disappeared.  (I often use lights in this way to bring in love energy and to remove

We then tapped on ourselves for her constricted breathing.  Mary’s breathing became easier very quickly
following this and she no longer had any remaining tension in her chest.  

Mary and I then tapped on ourselves for a couple of more rounds while she made positive statements
I did the right thing choosing a caesarean for my first daughter.  This was followed with a round in
which she alternated negative statements with positive statements.  The negative statements included
I feel
guilty about having a caesarean; I failed as a woman; I failed as a mother; I failed my daughter; I failed myself; I’m
a control freak...
 The positive alternating statements included that mentioned above, plus I’m perfect the
way I am.
 Following this tapping routine, Mary was able to repeat the story of the caesarean birth with no
adverse emotional or physical reactions.

Mary then became very sad and distressed while talking about her second child's birth.  Once again she
had desperately wanted a natural home birth even though she was advised to have a caesarean.  The
outcome was that she did have the baby at home (with a doctor present) and even though “it was a
completely normal birth” the baby was born dead.

She was very distressed and crying while she told me this and so I asked her to focus on the memory of the
incident while I tapped on her.  I spoke the following setup statement while I tapped.  
Even though I had a
stillbirth and if I hadn’t wanted a home birth so much it would have been OK.  I failed the baby and myself as
well.  Even so, I deeply and completely accept myself unconditionally with love and gratitude.

With her permission, I tapped on her CB points while she repeated the following forgiveness statements
after me.  
I forgive myself for creating this.  I forgive anyone else involved in this.  I am ready to let it go.  I let it
go now.  I let it go completely.
 Mary was crying during this.  I then tapped her gamut point and she did the 9
procedures for this point while focusing on the birth.  I then asked her to follow my hand with her eyes
(without moving her head), as I moved it from floor to ceiling while she tapped her KC and repeating the
following after me.  
Even though I still feel sad that I had a stillbirth I deeply and completely accept myself
unconditionally with love and gratitude
, plus the forgiveness statements mentioned above.

When retelling the story Mary said, “I had a still home birth and the contractions started 10 minutes before
Ebony was born.”  Mary was feeling deep sadness but it was general and she no longer felt it in a specific
place in her body.  I suggested she mentally thank her daughter for the privilege of knowing her and that
she send her love.  She is quite spiritual and she said that she and her husband “know” that their daughter
is still connected to them in love.  She also knew that “the birth was meant to be.”

Mary was now feeling lightness instead of overwhelming sadness and tension.  I muscle tested her and
found that she was dehydrated so I asked her to visualise her body taking in water when she drank.  She
immediately re-hydrated and this was confirmed by muscle testing .  (I often suggest to my clients who have
trouble hydrating, that they imagine they are a sponge while drinking the water.  This visualisation is very
successful in helping with hydration).

Mary then retold the story of the stillbirth and shocked herself when she said “I had a wonderful stillbirth.”  
She burst out laughing about this.  She said for the first time since her daughter was born dead she was
feeling joy, instead of pain when she thought about her.

Mary also responded well to the Reflexology after the EFT and during the treatment she felt energy flowing
into her arms and fingers where she had the repetitive strain injury.  At the end of the session she felt
lighter, without any tension in her chest.  She also no longer had any pressure in her head which was
unusual for her.

I have since seen Mary for two more treatments.  The stillbirth is definitely no longer an issue for her and
her energy improved dramatically after the first session.  The next morning she woke up feeling great and
went for a walk “for the first time in ages.”  She looked as though she had had “an emotional face lift” and
she felt as though “a light had gone on inside” her.  After the second session her energy dropped off a bit
due to work and other stresses and we addressed this in the third session.
Mary then retold the story of the
stillbirth and shocked herself when
she said “I had a wonderful stillbirth.”  
She burst out laughing about this.  
She said for the first time since her
daughter was born dead she was
feeling joy, instead of pain when she
thought about her.
While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it has only been in use in its current form since 1992. Therefore, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage. You are an expert on your own health, so please take full responsibility for
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