Eileen's Note: Settled babies can usually sleep through a tremendous racket-- vacuum cleaners, dogs barking, siblings
    shouting and screaming and running, doorbells ringing, doors slamming.  You name it.  And it's a good thing!  

    However, isn't it interesting that babies very often do NOT sleep through emotionally tense and/or charged situations,
    especially when those events involve one or both parents.  

    Not all charged situations are negative, though-- some are neutral or even positive.  This, in part, explains why your new baby
    probably wakes up every time you try to eat, or make love, or get involved in something fun that's hard to do with one hand.  It
    also gives you some warning that if you are stressed or anxious, your baby may pick up on that and will likely mirror your
    distress in one way or another. EFT can calm you both, during everyday chaos and stress, and in situations of major stress too.
I also have a children's story to add -- this one is very strange --- I run a room on mIRC (live chat on the
computer in cyberspace). Whenever someone comes in hurting we stop and do a healing circle -- since I
learned EFT I have been able to pull them aside and have worked with quite a few of them in cyberspace.

Saturday an old friend who had not been there a long time came in -- he was very upset -- his wife had been
raped. We did a Reiki healing circle and he got me in private chat and told me she was in very bad shape
and asked if I could do anything more for her -- she was going out of her mind -- as was he, and their 7
month old infant was becoming very stressed.

They live in Northern Europe -- the young man speaks quite good English, but the wife does not -- and at
that time because of the time differential she was asleep under heavy sedation.

So I made an appointment with them for Sunday noon my time -- and asked him to do the translating while I
worked with her (this is on the internet) .

We were doing pretty well -- but there would be long gaps of silence and no response -- and I could 'feel'
her pulling away from me. So I stopped and asked what was going on. Well it seemed the infant was teething
and screaming and the mother had picked him up and was trying to soothe him while I was working with her.

Nothing would calm him.

So I said -- let us stop and work with the child -- they agreed and we did. I had the mother hold the child in
lap with his back against her chest. Using the karate point I had mother repeat in Her language (surrogately,
as though she was the child): "Even though I am stressed and screaming I love and accept myself" -- then I
had mother tap gently through face, collarbone and under arm-- we could of course not go through the 9
gamut -- this was a 7 month old child !! So after 2 rounds the father typed that the child was calming down -- I
told mother to lay baby on back in lap and rub tummy gently while repeating :" I love and accept myself
completely " -- then turn him over on his tummy and rub his back gently and repeat the words again -- the
total procedure took about 5 minutes -- and the father typed -- "will be right back the infant is asleep and we
have to put him in his crib."

Five minutes later they came back to the computer, and I continued to work with the mother. Now I was able
to get her down from a 9 to a 4 -- a few more aspects and rounds -- and it was down to zero.
EFT ARTICLES:  Surrogate Tapping For A
Crying Baby -- Over The Internet
by Olga
So after 2 rounds the father typed
that the child was calming down... the
total procedure took about 5 minutes
-- and the father typed -- "will be right
back the infant is asleep and we have
to put him in his crib."
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