I’d like to share the experience I have had with EFT and my twin grandsons.

They are eleven months old now, and I have been part of their parent-grandparent care-giving team since
their birth.

I first began using EFT with them when they were only a few days old. They were not sick or distressed,
and their births by caesarian section had gone well.  But I know there is some degree of birth trauma for
every baby and my natural response was to bathe them in the comforting effects of tapping.

I and their mom began by talking to them, assuring them they were safe, very very welcomed, very very
loved, very very treasured and cherished.

At first I tapped on myself for them, with setup statements such as:

Even though I, Alistair, am in this very strange place, I deeply love and accept myself

Even though I no longer feel wrapped in the safe boundaries of my mother’s body…

Even though I can no longer feel my brother’s body next to mine…

Even though I was abruptly taken out of the darkness and silence of the only world I knew…

Even though digestion is a new experience for my body…and I don’t’ seem to like it very much…

But gradually I began tapping on their tiny faces and whatever torso points I could reach (most often their
arms were covering their chests).  I used the tip of my ring finger, which we have been told has the
weakest muscles, because I felt that would produce the gentlest pressure.

Often I would just tap, even without any setup or reminder phrase, just quietly holding the intention for
their emotional and physical comfort.  The rhythm of the tapping seemed in itself to be effective.

At six weeks they were diagnosed with colic.  Before the diagnosis we had become tense with concern.  
When the doctor said, “We don’t know why it happens and there is absolutely nothing you can do about
it.  They just have to outgrow it on their own.  You should start seeing some improvement probably in
about another six weeks”, I knew what our next step was.

The first step was for us to release our own level of anxiety, and then to tap with the babies.

Even though I don’t know why I have colic, I deeply love and accept myself and my new life.

Even though the doctors don’t know how to make me better…

Even though I just want to cry all the time…

Even though I can’t easily digest my food…

Even though I am stressed and I don’t know why…

Even though adjusting to my new life is hard…

Even though I wish I was still in my mother’s body and I didn’t have to digest food…

Even though I feel this sadness that I don’t understand…

Within forty-eight hours the colic symptoms were 90% gone and stayed away.

Now, at eleven months, the babies love to be tapped. We tap daily, especially to settle them for sleep.  It
still boggles my mind a bit to watch their response.

They immediately relax, tilt their head back, get a look of bliss on their face, close their eyes, and let us
tap for several minutes at a time.

Having said that, I have learned that choosing when to tap on them is important.  When they are crying
and upset, touching their face only increases their aggravation.  They make it very clear when they feel
receptive to being tapped and when they don’t, and I have found it more effective to tap on myself for
them in those circumstances.

At this time we are still using only the face points when tapping on them.

It has been a wonderful experience, Gary.  It is a joy to have friends exclaim, “What happy babies!”  And I
have to confess that some of my most treasured grandmother moments have been when their dad or
mom would come with a baby and say, “He won’t settle, would you tap on him for awhile?”  I sure would.
Using EFT for Colic and Happier Babies
Within forty-eight hours (of
beginning to tap on them), the
colic symptoms were 90%
gone and stayed away.
While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it has only been in use in its current form since 1992. Therefore, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage. You are an expert on your own health, so please take full responsibility for
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