Recently, Felicity called in to
see Tam (my husband) & myself
to very excitedly tell us that she
had conceived naturally and
was very calm and happy about
the up and coming birth.
“Felicity”, a medical technician in a fertility clinic, calmly and deftly carried out the In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)
procedure on her clients. To an onlooker she exuded self-assurance. However, despite her calm exterior,
she also experienced the same fears as her clients-- to the point of causing her own infertility.

Eighteen months ago Felicity rang our clinic here in South Yorkshire, UK. During that phone call she was
making tentative enquiries on how I could help some of her clients with their anxiety during fertility
treatment. She explained how fear and tension increased their discomfort as well as reducing their chances
of conceiving.

I offered to talk to the team within the clinic about how we work with this type of problem but Felicity wanted
to visit with me first. When she arrived, her warmth and friendly openness was a joy to see. She thoroughly
enjoyed what she did within the clinic even though she had her own problems with conceiving her first and
only child (she suffered severe trauma during the delivery).

Felicity openly admitted that her own problems were getting in the way of her work efficiency. She had been
wanting a baby for the last 5 years and only realised recently that her own infertility may have been caused
by the fear she felt at the panic of the professionals during her previous labour. However, knowing
intuitively of this fear did not give her the tools to overcome her problem. This is exactly where EFT’s help
would come in.

We began to work right away at what Felicity felt was her “stuck feeling.” She rated that feeling around a 9
on the scale of intensity (0 no feeling, 10 extreme feeling). The first set up statement we chose was...

“Even though I’m stuck in my fear of panic at birth and it blocks conception, I really love and accept myself.”

On the second attempt I sensed that these words did not resonate for her. Accordingly, I intuitively changed the
words to say...

“Even though I am terrified of giving birth again, I understand and love myself”

As Felicity spoke these words they carried much more emotion and she continued to repeat them over and
over again, nodding her head and rubbing her sore spot (Eileen's Note: We use the Karate Chop point on
the side of the hand almost exclusively now, instead of the sore spot) at the same time. When we moved on
to the eyebrow (EB) point (we were doing this together) and said “
Terrified of birth” she was too upset to
follow along. We returned to the sore spot and her emotions settled down, thereby allowing us to complete
a round of the EFT procedure.

At the end of the first round Felicity said the intensity had dramatically dropped during the rubbing of her
sore spot. Before re-scaling the level of intensity, I asked her to take a few moments out for reflection on
how she was feeling. I offered her a glass of water and recommended one or two relaxing breaths while
imagining giving birth in the future. She took some time to complete this and a peaceful contented
expression settled on her face. Then she smilingly opened her eyes.

During this future pacing exercise, Felicity had easily imagined going through the delivery energized,
excited and eager to see and hold her baby. She no longer felt anxiety (except for one slight niggle) related
to the actual birth. At the end of the session we tapped on...

“Even though there is just one slight niggle and I don’t know what it is, I feel good about myself” as well as

“Even though I don’t know if EFT will work for me …..”

This last statement touched the right spot. Felicity smiled, stopped and sighed half way through the we left it right there.

On her second visit to me we tapped through one or two fears such as...“
Even though I worry my birth fear
wasn’t the problem in preventing conception….
” as well as for her depressed feelings when her periods
appeared. We also tapped for...

“Even though I cannot see myself with another baby…”

“Even though my love making has become a means to an end.”

“Even though our love making seems mechanical now….”

Felicity promised to use EFT on everything including sad feelings when she knows her friends are pregnant
or she sees them with their new babies. She left with high spirits and arranged to do our Practitioner EFT
Training course.

Six months later she rang to discuss with me how well EFT was improving her work within the clinic. Not
only was she getting good results with her clients but some of the members of her team were also using it

Recently, Felicity called in to see Tam (my husband) & myself to very excitedly tell us that she had
conceived naturally and was very calm and happy about the up and coming birth. She was consistently
using EFT and openly proclaimed that she was sure without the help of EFT she would not have relaxed
enough to become pregnant and be able to share this exciting news with us.
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