• PRENATAL EFT IMPROVES HEMOGLOBIN COUNT - It seems incredible but EFT can affect things that
    appear to be purely physical, like a low hemoglobin count in pregnancy.  We sometimes see very rapid results, too.  In this
    case, half an hour of tapping on a very specific fear resulted in a measurable change in one mother's hemoglobin level.

  • EFT FOR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE IN PREGNANCY - Here's another article about using EFT to affect a
    physical issue.  In this case, a mother-to-be's stress was reduced after 20 minutes of EFT, and her blood pressure returned to
    a much more normal level as a result.

    minutes' worth of EFT eases this newborn baby's TTN symptoms, allowing him to be safely treated at home.  In some cases,
    EFT may not be appropriate, and medically oriented care may be required immediately.  In those cases where treatment may
    be delayed a few minutes, or when there is less need for urgency, EFT can be a very compassionate and useful form of first aid.

  • CHELLE & PTSD - Chelle's previous pregnancy ended in an emergency Cesarean birth and PTSD for mom.  Pregnant
    again, she wanted to work her way out of the nightmares, flashbacks and intrusive memories that were haunting her, before
    welcoming her new little one.

  • IS BIRTH TRAUMA PERMANENT? - It doesn't have to be!  EFT can resolve even serious trauma, as well as the
    'just' disappointing birth experience.

    We are our own worst enemies sometimes, when we submit, seek approval, and try not to make waves.  This downloadable
    article includes tapping phrases (a tapping script) to help you take your power back and be a good consumer of medical care
    for yourself, your baby, and your entire family.  If you have a habit of falling silent when you really should speak up, or saying
    yes when you mean NO, this one's for you!

  • TRAUMATIC BIRTH EXPERIENCE: A FATHER'S PERSPECTIVE - Fathers can experience birth trauma
    too.  This downloadable article includes tapping phrases (a tapping script) to assist men in resolving their trauma from
    childbirth.  Due to the nature of both EFT and the human brain, this article will also be useful for anyone who has experienced
    trauma from any cause.
  • FEAR OF FLYING WITH A UNIQUE TWIST - This one shows the value of persistence, and of looking beyond the
    obvious. It's not birth-related, but you can still use this information to help you be more successful in tapping for your fears.

  • SOLID MOTIVATION TO USE SURROGATE EFT - While on a cross-country flight, I used surrogate EFT to help
    a fellow passenger. Tapping on yourself for someone else may seem like a strange thing to do, but in my experience, it's very
    powerful and usually works quite well. Doulas, midwives and dads/labor partners may want to learn this technique, as it can be
    a great help to women in labor.

  • SURROGATE EFT FOR A SICK DOG - This story also seems unrelated to birth, but don't be fooled. It shows
    another example of the power of surrogate EFT, and also highlights the importance of "tuning in." This technique can bring up
    things that might seem crazy or unrelated, but may be extremely helpful to tap on!
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