My problems began March 30, 2006.  I had gone into labor on my own the night before.  I went in to the
hospital and all was going pretty good.  My OB came in and broke my water and it all went downhill from
there.  After the OB broke my water she inserted an internal fetal monitor into my son’s scalp.  Apparently
he was displeased and removed the electrode from his own scalp, putting the OB into a stunned state.  
As she reached down in disbelief to see exactly what was going on his cord flushed out beside his arm.  

Everything was a blur from there.  I ended up needing a crash cesarean section and did not have an
epidural at the time, so they tried to use gas and a general anesthetic.  I blacked out at first, but when the
OB began to cut into my belly, I remember everything from then on.  

Afterwards I had a horrible time recovering.  I tried bonding and breastfeeding, but since I was unable to
see my baby for hours after the birth, breastfeeding did not go well.  I had to stop after two weeks.  

I sank into a deep, dark depression.  I became distant and disconnected from family members and had a
rough time bonding with Nikoshio.  He did not seem to want me very often; when he would cry he would be
settled by daddy or his big brother Christopher.  

People close to me noticed changes in me and told me to seek help and soon.  So I did.  I began seeing a
therapist and another doctor here in town.  My midwife through my OB’s office told me it sounded like I had
severe postpartum depression.  The other midwife there said it almost sounded like Post Traumatic Stress
Disorder.  I had heard of PTSD in the past but only in reference to war veterans or rape victims or people
who had been severely assaulted (attempted murder victims and such).  

I tried some medicines used to treat PPD instead.  I tried so many things.  And talking to people was not
helping, since C-sections are so “normal” today.  Others did not understand why I was so upset.  I had a
healthy baby…right?  Of course I was thankful my baby had gotten here alive.  But it was becoming more
and more obvious something was not right.

I was diagnosed with PTSD by one therapist, one psychologist and one general doctor.  The regimen for
recovery was more medicine to make me even more tired and less reactive.

It took four months for me to allow my fiancé anywhere near me, sexually.  I was so terrified of ever
becoming pregnant again.  The first time we had intercourse postpartum, I asked him to use double
protection.  So we did.  A few weeks later I found out I was expecting again.  

I was so scared of another c section, the thought made it hard for me to breathe.  I was having flash backs
and panic attacks so often I was afraid I would cause myself to miscarry.  After finding ICAN online, a group
of women dedicated to Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (or VBAC) awareness, I gained more knowledge than I
thought was possible, in a matter of days.  

I ended up finding a very wonderful midwife about two hours away.  We decided it was worth the time and
effort to help bring this baby here as naturally and as healthily as possible.  

Through my midwife, I gained a doula.  Her experience in her own life gave me hope (she’s a VBAC mom
too).  Though my problems were still there, I was holding onto some hope.  Then I found Eileen through my
doula, who told me about a friend of hers that was doing some research on birth trauma and an energy
modality called EFT.  My doula felt some sessions learning this technique could help put me on the path to
healing.  I am open-minded and very much believe in our body’s natural ability to guide our own healing.  I
was very interested.

It was close to Nikoshio’s first birthday and I still did not have much of a bond with him.  However, little did I
know after a few hours spent with Eileen, I would have a new outlook on everything, and some real help--
help no pill was able to give me.  

Our session began with us talking a bit about why I was there.  Even today I remember how difficult it was
for me to tell my story.  It was something I was unable to speak of without bursting into tears.  I tried to hold
myself together and listen with everything I had.  Eileen began to walk me through the steps of something
called EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques.  It consists of “tapping,” if you will, areas of
your head, face, hand and neck/chest areas.  

We started off to see how emotionally wrecked I was.  (Eileen’s note: She’s referring to gauging the
intensity of her distress, which she rated as “off the scale” when I asked her to rate it from 0 to 10.)  Then
we went through the details of my experience and “tapped.”  When I would feel myself reliving the hurt we
would “tap” even more.  

We spent two and a half hours “tapping,” walking through each part of what I went through.  She worked
and “tapped” with me, as she taught me how to do EFT.  Eileen used a movie type theme to help me move
through everything.

I remember after a few rounds of EFT being able to actually remember and visualize some of the birth
without going into a severe panic attack.  I felt relief, as though a huge weight was being lifted off of me.  
When we were done, I could breathe.  I could move past this tragedy and feel.  I could break down this ten
inch titanium wall that sat between me and Nikoshio, and allow a bond to occur.  I had never felt so free.  
And all from “tapping"?  You better believe it!  

After our session I went back to my doula’s house to pick up Nikoshio and when I walked in the door, he ran
to me!!  As though he just knew something was different.  On any other day he would not run to me to be
held.  I was in shock, but so very happy!  

Learning EFT and understanding how to use it also helped me with other problems I faced during my
pregnancy and the birth of Gryffen, my VBAC baby.  My doula even "tapped" for me during my labor.

There is so much more to our health than what we're told.  Our bodies have a God given ability to naturally
heal on their own.  Our minds, hearts, our every organ, uses energy.  By using that energy and shifting
some of it to clear our pain, we can do such wonderful things.  I am glad I found this out and I still use EFT to
this day.  I am so thankful for the chance to learn EFT and understand how “tapping” can help my body and
my healing process.
Chelle, Junior and Gryffen
Chelle at 36 wks - Photo by Chelle C. -  All Rights Reserved
by Chelle Clas -  March 1, 2008
I remember after a few rounds of
EFT being able to actually remember
and visualize some of the birth
without going into a severe panic
attack.  I felt relief, as though a huge
weight was being lifted off of me.  
When we were done, I could
breathe.  I could move past this
tragedy and feel.
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